NSW Fair Trading requires Compliance to The NEW 2024 Supervision Requirement! by 1st July 2024


Easy way to ensure you implement & Meet the NEW Obligations before it's too late!

Section 32 of the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 (NSW) sets out a requirement of licensees, to properly supervise businesses. This requirement includes supervising employees and establishing and monitoring compliance procedures.
NSW Fair Trading

Our Supervision Guidelines Digital Edition
fulfils the objectives of the New Requirements!

Properly Supervise

Easy to access sections/tabs relating to certain tasks, simple to use format

Establish Procedures

Procedures, registers, forms to follow for the licensee & staff

Monitor the Conduct

Checklists, monthly review template, easy to use guide to monitor and supervise as required

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NSW Fair Trading States: “A failure of a licensee to comply with any of the requirements of these guidelines in connection with a business constitutes a failure to properly supervise the business and carries a maximum penalty of 200 penalty units
($22,000) in the case of a corporation, or 100 penalty units ($11,000) in any
other case”

- NSW Fair Trading requires that Agencies
refine their new supervision procedures and practices.
(by 1st July 2024)
-Have you implemented these changes?
- Are you supervising correctly?


Real Coach

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"Our manual is designed to help you simplify the supervision process"

Properly Supervise, Establish Procedures & Monitor the Conduct

A usable manual to easily implement the new supervision requirements

Please Note: 
corporations, sole traders, partnerships or independent contractors require to separately supervise and require their own supervision guidelines unique to that business.